Alarah Euro weft extentions

Alarah hair studio are bringing you the most innovative hair extensions on the market today.

Extensions by Carla Tedesco

Our euro wefts are custom made and carefully curated perfectly to match your texture, colour and desired length.

Luxury hair extensions & the thinnest wefts on the worldwide market today.

Carla has curated and sourced our hair to the best available hair quality in the world.

Completely natural and invisible.

100% full cuticle virgin Russian/ remy hair.

This means all the cuticles are facing the same direction and same texture through out.

They are also Not coated in silicone giving the hair the most natural look and feel just like our very own.

We are truly honoured and excited to bring you world class innovative hair wefts.

Whether you're adding volume, length or a pop of colour our premium weft extensions are for you!

Our hair is Russian/ Remy and are the flattest wefts worldwide,replicating your natural hair and movement.

At alarah we use a micro bead track method which is particularly well-suited for clients from fine to course thick hair. Unlike other extension methods that may weigh down delicate strands, micro bead extensions are lightweight and gentle on the natural hair, making them an ideal choice for those seeking added volume and length without causing damage or strain.

This method is ideal for clients who want to keep their extensions in for an extended period, typically ranging from six to eight weeks.

Have a chat to one of our in house hair extention specialists today!

Aftercare tips

5 aftercare tips for your hair extension

1. Use good quality hair care products

2. Protect from heat by using a heat protectant or even better dry your hair naturally!

3. Brush, brush, brush your hair extensions gently to remove tangles and knots.

4. Hydration is key- ensure you have a nourishing treatment or conditioner.

5. When sleeping pop it in low pony to avoid tangles.

A general price guide 2023

We suggest to book in for a custom personalised consultation today with one of our extension specialists.

*These prices may change without notice

Prices for hair

(Prices vary on length. All prices are starting from prices & you will be quoted upon consultation.)
14” from $500 24” from $1100
16” from $600 26” from $1250
20” from $750 28” from $1350
22” from $950 30” from $1500

Our initial instillation includes your instillation, shaped in and cut to suit your desired result.
A style and blowave is an additional service.

We suggest to book in 6-8 weeks for a re lift.

Our relift prices are as follows

$180 1-3 tracks
$210 4 tracks and above
$55 for a wash, blowave and style