The Alarah Story

Carla Tedesco, founder and owner of Alarah hair studio which was brought to life in 2013.

From humble beginnings, Carla’s journey in the hair industry began at a young age, where her passion for hairdressing transformed from a garage salon into a small shop front in the heart of Parkdale. Her undeniable work ethic, dedication and passionate vision for her craft has evolved Alarah into what it is today.

From one apprentice, we have since travelled the world in 6 different continents, pushing our brand to the highest of quality for the world to see. Alarah has since grown into one of Melbourne’s finest and leading hair studios, with absolute attention to detail and quality care to each and every one of our clients.

The heart and soul of Alarah truly lies within the doors of our incredible space. Carla and her team's vision is to take you into a journey of self love.

We have created a space drawing inspiration from around the world but truely to our European heritage.

We hope you love and enjoy your experience with us.

lots of love

Alarah Family x

Alarah hair studio

Alarah is more than just a hair salon. We pride ourselves on creating an unique experience, one that only Alarah can offer.

Our amazing team will take you on a journey not only of incredible hair but ensuring you feel a culture and magnetic energy brought to you by a very well educated and caring team.

Our aim is for you to walk in and out of our space feeling rejuvenated, relaxed and with nothing less than a smile.

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